A23.3645N-R2L1 LCD Digital Zoom Stereo Microscope, Mobile Phone Repair

Short Description:

  • 9″ HD LCD Screen + Digital Camera, Viewing Angel Freely Adjustable
  • 0.7~4.5x High Quality Optical System Zoom Stereo Microscope
  • Trinocular Head Light Split 5:5 Support View Image In Eyepiece & LCD At Same Time
  • Upper 56 LEDs Right Light Brightness Adjustable
  • Professional Soft Pad Working Area For Mobile Phone Repair On Stand

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A23.3645N-R1 Series

DIY Phone PCB Repair MicroscopeA23.3645N-



R1H1HeadTrinocular Head, With Eyepiece Adapter  LCD Screen 9″ With Digital Camera, AV Output  HDMI+USB Digital Camera 38.0M Pixels  45° Inclined, 360°Rotatable, Both Tube ±5 Diopter Adjustable, Interpupillary Adjustment 54-75mmEyepieceWF10x/20mm, Both With Eye-cupZoom Lens0.7~4.5xZoom Ratio1:6.5Magnification7x-45x, Up To 3.5x-180x With Optional Eyepieces And Auxiliary LensW.D.Working Distance100mm, With Standard 1x LensF.O.VField Of View 1~95.2mmStandPole Stand, Size 200*255*22mm, Pole Height 240mm, Dia.32mm, With Heat Resist Soft Rubber Pad, Working Area For Phone PCB RepairLight SourceUpper 56 LEDs Right Light Brightness AdjustableOptional AccessoriesCata.No.EyepieceWF15x/15mm, High-eyepointA51.3621-1515WF20x/10mm, High-eyepointA51.3621-2010WF25x/9mm, High-eyepointA51.3621-2509WF30x/8mm, High-eyepointA51.3621-3008Auxiliary Lens0.5X,W.D. 165mmA52.3621-0.5x1.5X,W.D. 45mmA52.3621-1.5x2.0X,W.D. 30mmA52.3621-2.0x

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