A12.1062-T Laboratory Biological Microscope

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Brand New Design 2019 High Level Laboratory Research Microscope

LCD Screen Base + Coding Quintuple Nosepiece

Large Rackless Safty Working Stage 230x150mm

Infinity Plan NIS60 Objective 4x10x40x100x, Water 100x Immersion Available

Upgrade To Dark Field, Polaring, Phase Contrast & Fluorenscent Function

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NIS Infinity Optical System

Nis Infinity Plan Objectives Can Provide High Contrast And Very Flat Image

Up To Fn 22. With Fn 22 Wide Field Eyepieces, The System Always Brings You Sharp,

Excellent Resolution And High Signal To Noise Ratio Imaging.

Case For A12.1061, A12.1062, A16.1062, More Details & Pictures

Coded Nosepiece (Available In A12.1062 Series)

It Can Memorize The Illumination Brightness When Using Each Objective.

When Different Objectives Are Converted To Each Other,

The Light Intensity Is Automatically Adjusted To Reduce Visual Fatigue And Improve Work Efficiency.

22mm Wide Field Of View

The A12.1062 Microscope Achieves The Wide Field Of 22mm View With 10x Eyepieces

For A More Comprehensive Observation Content And Faster Sample Observation.

The Eyepiece Adopts A Flat Field Distortion-free Design To Prevent The Edge Of The Field From Being Imaginary And Stray Light.

Plan Objective

By Using Infinity Plan Objectives, Flat Image With Higher Imaging Reduction Degree Over

The Entire Field Of View Could Be Achieved.

40x LWD Objective

The Working Distance Of 40x Objective Can Be Up To 1.5mm, Avoiding The Erosion From

Residual Immersion Oil And Water When Converted From 100x To 40x Objective.

100x Water-immersion Objective

Ordinary 100x Oil-immersion Objective Needs To Use Cedar Oil As The Observation Medium.

After Use, It Needs To Be Cleaned With Ether Alcohol Or Xylene, Which Is Easy To Cause Air Pollution And Improper Cleaning.

The Water – Immersion Objective Uses Water As A Medium To Solve The Above Problems Perfectly, Reducing The Damage To The Body And Environmental Pollution.

Working Stage

Double Layer Mechanical Rackless Stage, Size 230x150mm, Moving Range 78x54mm, Anti-Scratch Hard Coating Dural Platform

Ergonomic Design

In Daily Scientific Research Teaching And Pathological Diagnosis, Working In Front Of The Microscope For A Long Time Has Become The Norm, And The Consequent Use Fatigue Often Leads To Physical Discomfort, Thereby Reducing Work Efficiency And Effectiveness.This A12.1062 Microscope Uses An Ergonomic Design, High Eye-point, Low-hand Focus Mechanism, Low-hand Stage And Other Ergonomic Designs To Ensure The User Can Perform Microscope Operation In The Most Comfortable Situation. . The Focus Knob, Illumination Control Knob And Stage Handle Are All In Close Proximity. The User Can Put Both Hands On The Table While Working, And Can Operate A12.1062 With Minimal Movement.

Multifunctional Universal Condenser

A12.1062 Offers Universal Condensers For Bright Field, Dark Field And Phase Contrast.

The Observation Methods Could Be Quickly Switched By Switching The Slider.

The Phase Contrast And Bright Field Slider Is Universal For 4x- 100x Objectives Also,

Simple And Fast To Use. The N.A. Value Index On The Aperture Diaphragm Of The Condenser Is

Easily Set To Get Exact Size Of Diaphragm To Correspond With The Different Objectives.

External Rechargeable Battery

A USB Charging Port Is Reserved On The Body, Which Can Be Used As A Microscope Power Source.

This Microscope Can Also Be Used Outside And During Power Outages To Get Rid Of The Microscope’s Dependence On The Power Outlet.

A31.1062 Digital Microscope, WIFI & USB

Built-in Camera 5.0M, USB 2.0 or WIFI Output, Supporting Android, IOS, Windows Operating System,

Wired And Wifi Modes The Image Under The Microscope Can Be Output To

The External Device In Real Time, And There Is No Data Line Connection, And The Operator Can Move More Freely.

A12.1061, A12.1602 Laboratory MicroscopeA16.1062 LED Fluorescent Microscope A12.1061 A12.1062 A16.1062 Cata. No.
-B -T -B -T -B -T
Optical System NIS Infinite Optical System  
Observation Method Bright Field  
Dark Field  
Phase Contrast - -  
Epi-Fluorscence - -  
Head Seidentopf Binocular Head, Inclined At 30° , Interpupillary Distance 47-78mm, Eyepiece Tube Dia.30mm       A53.1061-B
Seidentopf Trinocular Head, Inclined At 30° , Interpupillary Distance 47-78mm, Eyepiece Tube Dia.30mm, Light Path Fixed 50:50       A53.1061-T
Seidentopf Trinocular Head, Inclined At 30° , Interpupillary Distance 47-78mm, Eyepiece Tube Dia.30mm, Light Path Switchable 0:100/100:0 A53.1061-TS
Tilting Binocular Head, Inclined 5°~35° , Interpupillary Distance 47-78mm, Eyepiece Tube Dia.30mm A53.1061-BS
Digital Head, Built-in Digital Camera 5.0M, Support Android, IOS, Windows, Output Image By WIFI In Real TimeUpgrade to A31.1062-5.0M - - - - A53.1061-5.0M
Digital Head, Built-in Wireless Digital Camera 5.0M, Support Android, IOS, Windows, Output Image By WIFI In Real Time, App Software, By Scanning QR Code On Microscope, Installing App & Identifying Microscope, You Can View Micro Image On Mobile Phone & Tablet.Upgrade to A31.1062-5.0W - - - - A53.1061-5.0W
Eyepiece EW10x/22mm, Diopter Adjustable, Dia.30mm A51.1029-1022
EW15x/16mm, Diopter Adjustable, Dia.30mm A51.1029-1516
EW20x/12mm, Diopter Adjustable, Dia.30mm A51.1029-2012
Nosepiece Quintuple Nosepiece, Dovetail Interface - - - -  
Coded Quintuple Nosepiece, Dovetail Interface - -  
NIS45Infinity Plan


4x/0.10, W.D.20.6mm - - - - A52.1045-4
10x/0.25, W.D.17.9mm - - - - A52.1045-10
20x/0.40, W.D.6.40mm - - - - A52.1045-20
40x/0.60, W.D.1.50mm - - - - A52.1045-40
60x/0.80, W.D.0.30mm - - - - A52.1045-60
100x/1.25(Oil), W.D.0.16mm - - - - A52.1045-100
100x/1.10(Water), W.D.0.16mm - - - - A52.1045-100W
NIS60Infinity Plan


4x/0.10, W.D.30.0mm - - A52.1060-4
10x/0.25, W.D.10.2mm - - A52.1060-10
20x/0.40, W.D.4.8mm - - A52.1060-20
40x/0.65, W.D.1.5mm - - A52.1060-40
60x/0.80, W.D.0.30mm - - A52.1060-60
100x/1.25(Oil), W.D.0.3mm - - A52.1060-100
100x/1.10(Water), W.D.0.2mm -   A52.1060-100W
NIS60Infinity Plan

Phase Contrast


10x/0.25, W.D.10.2mm - - A5C.1060-10
20x/0.40, W.D.12.0mm - - A5C.1060-20
40x/0.65, W.D.0.7mm - - A5C.1060-40
100x/1.25(Oil), W.D.0.2mm - - A5C.1060-100
Focusing Coaxial Coarse & Fine Adjustment, Tension Adjustable, Fine Division 0.002mm, Coarse Focusing Range 28mm  
Working Stage Double Layer Mechanical Rackless Stage, Size 230x150mm, Moving Range 78x54mm - - - -  
Double Layer Mechanical Rackless Stage, Size 230x150mm, Moving Range 78x54mm, Anti-Scratch Hard Coating Dural Platform - -  
Condenser Inserted Abbe Condenser N.A. 1.25, With Slot For Phase Contrast Slide And Dark Field Slide.  
Illumination 1W S-LED Critical Illumination - - - -  
3W S-LED Kohler Illumination - -  
Green Filter  
Dark Field Dark Field Slide A5D.1062
Polarizing Simple Polarizing Set A5P.1008
Phase Contrast Phase Slider For 10x-40x A5C.1062-S1040
Phase Slider For 100x A5C.1062-S100
Epi-Fluorescence Attachment 3W LED Epi-Fluorescence Attachment, Fly-Eye Lens Illumination, With 2 Filter Position + Bright Field Position, Switch Quickly, With Attachable UV Shield,B, G Filters A5F.1062
Filter U A5F.1062-U
Filter V A5F.1062-V
Photo Adapter 1.0x C-Mount A55.1062-1.0
0.5x C-Mount A55.1062-0.5
Power Supply AC 100-240V,50/60Hz  
USB Charging Port, Support To Use Exeternal Rechargeable Battery Power Bank Like Mobile Phone Out Door Freely  
LCD Screen LCD Screen On Front Of Body, Display Using State Of Microscope, Including Magnification, Light Intensity, Standby Status, Set Power Off Timer 5 Mins to 8 Hours, And So On. - -  
Dimensions 220(W)x290(D)x472(H) mm  
Note:”“In Table Is Standard Outfits,”” Is Optional Accessories “-” Is Unavailable

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