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A14.0201 Inverted Phase Contrast Microscope
A14.0201 Inverted Phase Contrast MicroscopeIs Equipped With Wide Field Eyepieces, Long Working Distance Plan Achromatic Objectives, Long Working Distance Condenser And Phase Contrast Unit. It Can Observe Transparent And Unfinished Living Specimen In Culture Bottle Or Culture Utensil. It Is The Ideal Tools For Research Of Living Specimen Structure, Liquid, Deposits And So On.–Wide Field Eyepiece WF10x/20mm, LWD Objective 10x,25x,40x

–Impellent Phase Contrast Slide And 10x Phase Contrast Objective Included,

–Sliding Phase Contrast Slide Unit Optional

–Coaxial Coarse/Fine Focus System, Minimum Division 0.002mm

–Tranismit Light Halogen Lamp 6V 20W With Brightness Control

Magnification Total 100~400x
Head Trinocular Head, 30° Inclined, 100 Light Pass For Photography
Eyepiece WF10x/20mm Wide Field
Nosepiece Quadruple
Objective LWD Plan Achromatic Objective
PLL10x/0.25, W.D.8.8mm
PLL 25x/0.40, W.D.4.8mm
PLL 40x/0.60, W.D.3.3mm
LWD Plan Phase Contrast Objective
PLL10x/0.25 PHP, W.D.8.1mm
Working Stage Double Layer Mechanical Stage 200*152mm, Moving Range 75*30mm
Culture Dish Holder, For Dia.68mm Or 77*33mm Culture Utensil
Culture Dish Holder, For Dia.68mm
Focusing Coaxial Coarse & Fine Focus Knob, With Tension Adjustable And Limit Stopper, Minimum Division 0.002mm

Phase Contrast

Long Working Distance Phase Contrast Condenser, N.A.0.4, Working Distance 30mm, Rack & Pinion Adjustable
Impellent Style Phase Plate 10x
Centering Telescope Eyepiece 10x
Filter Blue, Green, Frost Filter
Light Source Kohler Illumination, 6V20W Halogen Lamp, Brightness Adjustable
A14.0201 Optional Accessories
Eyepiece WF16x/11mm A51.0203-16A
Dividing Eyepiece 10x/20mm, 0.1mm/Div A51.0205-G10A

Phase Contrast

LWD Plan Phase Contrast Objective PLL 25x/0.40 PHP, W.D.4.78mm A5C.0232-25
PLL 40x/0.60 PHP, W.D.3.32mm A5C.0232-40
Ultra Long Working Distance Phase Contrast Condenser, N.A.0.4, Working Distance 70mm A5M.0210-6
Impellent Phase Contrast Plate 25x A5C.0211-2
Impellent Phase Contrast Plate 40x A5C.0211-3

Phase Contrast

LWD Plan Phase Contrast Objective PLL10x/0.25 PHP2, W.D.8.1mm A5C.0232-10a
PLL25x/0.40 PHP2, W.D.4.78mm A5C.0232-25a
PLL40x/0.60 PHP2, W.D.3.32mm A5C.0232-40a
Long Working Distance Phase Contrast Condenser, N.A.0.4, Working Distance 55mm A5M.0210-7
Sliding Phase Contrast Plate 10x A5C.0211-4
Sliding Phase Contrast Plate 25x/40x A5C.0211-5
Filter Yellow Filter A56.0209-3
Adapter CCD Adapter 0.5x A55.0202-04
Digital SLR Camera Adapter for Canon EF Series A55.0204-02

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