A12.1095 Research Scientific Laboratory Microscope, Full-Auto Motorized

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  • Full-Auto Motorized Research Level Laboratory Microscope For BF/DF/PH/PL/FL/DIC
  • Extra Wide Eyepiece EW10x/25mm Dia.30mm Diopter Adjustable
  • Auto 6 Holes Nosepiece With Infinity Plan Objective 4x10x20x40x100x
  • Auto Condenser & Brightness Adjust ECO Function Kohler Illumination 24V100W Halogen Or 3W SLED Optional
  • Including Control Stick, Controller Box, Z Axis Motor Control Part, Motorized X/Y Mechanical Stage Travel Range 125x75mm

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A12.1095 is newly designed Full Auto Morotrized Research Level Scientific Laboratory Microscope, equipped with electric platform, auto focus, electric objective conversion, touch screen controller and powerful imaging software; Through the precise connection between the parts, the functions of microscope observation, image acquisition and image processing are realized, and the repetitive operation is reduced. In addition, it can restore the microscope settings and parameter settings of the last operation, and improve the stability and accuracy of microscope imaging. Microscope operation can be so fast and efficient.

Motorized Control Software And Microscopic Imaging System

It provides integrated control for microscope, camera, electric platform and various components, including electric control, auto focusing, sequence scanning, fixed-point scanning, surface fitting scanning and etc.

Full field of view focus scanning and other functions. With simple and intuitive interface, fast and flexible data acquisition method, combined with the Nomis basic imaging analysis software, the system can realize the measurement, data acquisition and data processing Synthesis and data recording.

Seidentopf Trinocular Head

Seidentopf Trinocular Head, Inclined 30°, Interpupillary Distance 47-78mm, 3 Level Light Split Switch E100:P0/E20:P80/E0:P100

Large Field Eyepiece

SW10x/25mm, High Eyepoint, Diopter Adjustable, Dia.30mm

Adapter To Lower Stage Position

To lower the stage by 1’’, by adding a block up the nosepiece, so that operators can change the slides position easily and comfortably

Auto Coded Nosepiece & Auto Condenser

Automatically swing-out and swing-in the top-lens element according to the objective lens that is selected via the intelligent linking.

High Precision & Easy Operation

The micro electric control platform can control the movement in X, Y and Z directions of working stage

Only one USB cable is needed to connect the computer and the built-in controller to realize the integrated electric control; The built-in z-axis adopts high-precision motor screw structure to ensure nano scale z-axis slice scanning; The imported screw rod adopts extrusion process, which has the characteristics of enhancing consistency and eliminating reverse clearance error; Flexible platform control program can meet a variety of sports needs. Matching control rocker, powerful, easy to operate

Focusing System

Coaxial focusing system with low-postion X-Y coaxial control knobs. The ergonomic design provides operators comfortable experience.

Nosepiece Rotating Buttons

This microscope has the function of automatically rotating nosepieces and adjusting the light intensity.

Low-position Control Knobs

The height of the stage control knobs can be adjusted up or down by 18mm to ensure a comfortable hand position, and with adjustable tension control

Full View Field Focusing Scan

Auto Light Intensity Management

The Management system can automatically adjust to the suitable light intensity according to the

different setup of objectives from the low to high magnifications, and reduce the eye fatigue at the same time.

The long-life LED lamp can keep the light intensity and easy for maintenance.

Touch Control Screen, Saving Space, Flexible Control

The front touch control screen integrated with the microscope does not occupy the desktop position.

The interface is simple and easy to operate, and the programmable control simplifies the repeated observation

and imaging process. Powerful functions: three axis coordinate display, speed gear display, objective electric switch,

objective double hole directional switch, position memory and return, relative coordinate display,

objective focus compensation, temporary upper limit setting, platform escape and recovery, display day / night mode, etc.

Objective Confocal Compensation:

Each objectives focus distance will be memorized, when switch objectives,

Z axie control will automatically restore to correct focus distance to get clear image

Location memory and return:

2 location memory points

and 1 location memory point can be set. The initial position point is used to mark the key observation position.

Platform escape and return:

One Key Return can be

seted between current position and zero point of coordinate, enable switch slide more convenient and easy

N-PLN Series Plan Objectives

These plan objectives can provide flat image through the light from visible light to NIRS.

They are usually used for bright-field viewing as the high signal-to-noise, high resolution and high contrast image result

N-PLFN Series Plan Fluorescent Objectives

Owe to the multilayer coating technology, these S-APO objective can compensate the spherical aberration and

the chromatic aberration from ultraviolet to infrared light. High-sensltive fluorescence ensure the acuity,

articulation and color reduction of image, to provide the digital image of high-quality and high-function.

N-PLM Series Plan PH Objectives

They are the good choice for clinic and scientific research. These high-quality plan objective can

provide advanced plan image of 25mm FOV under bright field & transmitted light.

NIS60 series plan phase contrast objectives are specially designed for phase contrast viewing.

N-PLPN Series APO Plan Objectives

The newly-launched advanced Apochromatic objective lens has a high level of chromatic aberration correction capability,

high resolution, and ensures a high level of wave phase aberration correction function in the full field of view.

It is an ideal choice for routine laboratory observation work and digital imaging objectives.

◆ Bright-field Viewing

Brighter image, high resolution and flatness, suitable for all the magnifications

◆ Fluorescent Viewing

The compact epi-fluorescent components includes noise elimination feature

which ensures images captured are bright, with high contrast and high signal-to-noise ratio.

◆ Polarizing Viewing

It is quite suitable for viewing collagen, amyloid and crystal etc. double refracting specimen.

◆ Dark-field Viewing

It can be used for clearly viewing of blood or flagellum etc. fine structure.

◆ Phase Contrast Viewing

Operators can get high contrast image of neutral background color

whatever the magnifications are. It is suitable for viewing non-stained specimen.

◆ DIC Phase Contrast Viewing

DIC increases the contrast of the sample, and enables the nucleus and larger organelles

such as mitochondria to have a strong three-dimensional effect, which is more suitable for micromanipulation.

At present, it is mostly used for micromanipulation of gene injection, nuclear transfer, genetically modified animals and other bioengineering

A12.1095 Full Auto Motorized Research Level Scientific Laboratory Microscope A12.1091 A12.1093 A12.1095 Cata.No.
-H -L -H -L
Optical System NIS60 Infinity Optical System  
Observation Method Bright Field  
Dark Field  
Phase Contrast  
Main Body BH Manual Body + Halogen Illumination.         A54.1090-BH
BL Manual Body + LED Illumination.         A54.1090-BL
ATH Semi-Auto Body + Halogen Illumination.

Auto Nosepiece + Auto Condenser + Auto Brightness Adjust    A54.1090-ATHATL Semi-Auto Body + LED Illumination.

Auto Nosepiece + Auto Condenser + Auto Brightness Adjust    A54.1090-ATL Full Auto Body + LED Illumination.

Auto Nosepiece + Auto Condenser + Auto Brightness Adjust

Auto X/Y/Z Motorized Control Working Stage+ Information LCD Screen     HeadSeidentopf Binocular Head, Inclined 30°,

Interpupillary Distance 47-78mmA53.1090-BSeidentopf Trinocular Head, Inclined 30°,

Interpupillary Distance 47-78mm,

3 Level Light Split Switch E100:P0/E20:P80/E0:P100A53.1090-TErgo Tilting Trinocular Head, Inclination 0°~35°,

Interpupillary Distance 47-78mm,

3 Level Light Split Switch E100:P0/E20:P80/E0:P100A53.1090-TTEyepieceSW10x/25mm, High Eyepoint, Diopter Adjustable, Dia.30mm●●●●●●●●●●A51.1090-1025SW10x/22mm, High Eyepoint, Diopter Adjustable, Dia.30mmA51.1090-1022EW12.5x/16mm, High EyepointA51.1090-12516WF15x/16mm, High Eyepoint, Diopter Adjustable, Dia.30mmA51.1090-1516WF20x/12mm, High Eyepoint, Diopter Adjustable, Dia.30mmA51.1090-2012NosepieceManual Nosepiece, Quintuple, Backward, Center Adjustable     A54.1091-5MManual Nosepiece, Sextuple, Backward   A54.1091-6MCoded Nosepiece, Sextuple, Backward, For Auto Brightness Adjust   A54.1091-6CAuto Coded Nosepiece, Sextuple, Backward,

Motorized Switch Objectives, Controled By:

1. Shortcut Button On Right Side Of Base, Can Switch 2 Preseted Objectives Quickly

2. Remote Control Pad In Front Of Base, Press Each Button To Switch Objectives And Adjust The Light Intensity Automatically. 2 Buttons Can Be Self-Defined For Most Commonly Used Objecives, Press Green Button Can Swap Between ThemA54.1091-6AWith Slot For Polarizing Compensator Slider Or DIC Slider Protect Cover For Nosepiece HolesA54.1091-CNIS60


Infinity Plan Objective2x/0.06, W.D.7.5mm, Cover Glass 0.17mmA52.1090-24x/0.10, W.D.30mm, Cover Glass 0.17mmA52.1090-410x/0.25, W.D.10.2mm, Cover Glass 0.17mmA52.1090-1020x/0.40, W.D.12mm, Cover Glass 0.17mmA52.1090-2040x/0.65, W.D.0.7mm, Cover Glass 0.17mmA52.1090-4050x/0.95(Oil, W.D.0.19mm, Cover Glass 0.17mmA52.1090-5060x/0.8, W.D.0.3mm, Cover Glass 0.17mmA52.1090-60100x/1.25(Oil), W.D.0.2mm, Cover Glass 0.17mmA52.1090-100NIS60 APO Infinity Plan20x/0.75, W.D.1.1mm, Cover Glass 0.17mmA52.1091-20100x/1.45(Oil), W.D.0.13mm, Cover Glass 0.17mmA52.1091-100Working StageDouble Layer Mechnical Stage Full Size 302x152mm, Stage Table Size 190x152mm, Moving Range 78x32mm, Double Slide Holder, With Gorilla Glass Insert, Left Handle  A54.1092-GLDouble Layer Mechnical Stage Full Size 302x152mm, Stage Table Size 190x152mm, Moving Range 78x32mm, Double Slide Holder, With Gorilla Glass Insert, Right Handle  A54.1092-GRDouble Layer Mechnical Stage Full Size 302x152mm, Stage Table Size 190x152mm, Moving Range 78x32mm, Double Slide Holder, With Sapphire Glass Insert, Left Handle  A54.1092-SLDouble Layer Mechnical Stage Full Size 302x152mm, Stage Table Size 190x152mm, Moving Range 78x32mm, Double Slide Holder, With Sapphire Glass Insert, Right Handle  A54.1092-SRLow Position Control Knob, Height Adjustable Up/Down 18mm, Convex Point Guide Mechanism For Easily Put Slide By One Hand, With Tension Adjustable Ring, With Safety Stop Screw CondenserSwing-Out Condenser NA0.9/0.25   A56.1091-SAuto Swing-Out Condenser NA0.9/0.25  A56.1091-AFocusingCoaxial Coarse & Fine Focusing, Fine Division 0.001mm, Focusing Range 35mm, Coarse Stroke 37.7mm, Fine Stroke 0.1mm, Can Exchange Hand Wheel Between Left/Righ Light SourceTransmit Kohler Illumination, Brightness Adjustable,

12V100W Halogen, External Lamp House   A56.1090-12V100WTransmit Kohler Illumination, Brightness Adjustable,

3W S-LED, Built-in Main Body  A56.1090-3WLEDECO Function Support Auto Power Off After 30 Mins From Operator Leave To Save EnergyA56.1090-ECOAuto Brightness Adjust, Brightness For Each Objective Can Be Memorized And Restored When Objective Is Selected

A12.1091 Upgradeable To Auto Brightness Adjust, Must Upgrade To A54.1091-6C Coded Nosepiece At Same TimeA56.1090-ABFilter For Transmit LightFilter Holder On Base, Can Hold 3 FiltersA56.1092-HFilter LBDA56.1092-LBDFilter GreenA56.1092-GFilter YellowA56.1092-YFilter ND6A56.1092-ND6Filter ND25A56.1092-ND25AdapterEyepiece Adapter Dia.23.2mmA55.1090-EC-Mount 1.0xA55.1090-1.0xC-Mount 0.5xA55.1090-0.5xSoftwareNOMIS Basic Image Processiing SoftwareA30.1090Full-Auto Motorized Control UnitIncluding Control Stick, Controller Box, Z Axis Motor Control Part, Motorized X/Y Mechanical Stage

–Travel Range X:125mm, Y:75mmm,

–Minimum Step 0.1um

–Re-Position Accurate +/-1.5um

–Max Speed 25mm/s

–Size: 275x239x44.5mm

–Soft Stop, Mechanical Stop, Opto-Electro Switch Stop

–Z Axis Re-Position Accurate: Average +/-1.5um, Near Focus +/-0.1um

–Z Axis Max Speed 10r/s

–3D Control Stick, 4 Speeds

–Connection By USB2.0 & RS232

–Communication Speed 9600 bits  A54.1095-AUpgrade To Z Axis With Optical Grating Ruler  A54.1095-BDark FieldDark Field Condenser, N.A. 0.7~0.9, DryA5D.1090-DDark Field Condenser, N.A. 1.25~1.36, ImmersionA5D.1090-IDark Field Objective, Infinity Plan 100X,

For Immersion Dark Field ObservationA5D.1030-3Dark Field Objective, Infinity Plan 100X, With Iris Diaphragm,

For Immersion Dark Field ObservationA5D.1030-4PolarizingPolarizer For Transmit Light SourceA5P.1091-PAnalyzer Slide For Transmit Light SourceA5P.1091-AGout Set: Polarizer, λ Slide, Quaterz Wedge SlideA5P.1091-TUpgrade To A15.1091 Professional Polarizing Microscope  A15.1091Phase ContrastTurret Phase Contrast Condenser, Center AdjustableA5C.1090Centering Telescope 10xA5C.1092Infinity Plan Phase Contrast Objective N-PLN PH 10x/0.25A5C.1091-10Infinity Plan Phase Contrast Objective N-PLN PH 20x/0.40A5C.1091-20Infinity Plan Phase Contrast Objective N-PLN PH 40x/0.65A5C.1091-40Infinity Plan Phase Contrast Objective N-PLN PH 100x/1.25(Oil)A5C.1091-100DICPolarizer For Transmit Light SourceA5P.1090-TPTurret DIC CondenserA5C.1095DIC Slide 10x, Used With Semi-APO Fluorescent ObjectiveA5C.1095-10DIC Slide 20x/40x, Used With Semi-APO Fluorescent ObjectiveA5C.1095-2040DIC Slide 100x, Used With Semi-APO Fluorescent ObjectiveA5C.1095-10DIC Slide With Analyzer 10x-20xA5C.1095-1020PDIC Slide With Analyzer 40x-100xA5C.1095-40100PNIS60 N-PLFN Semi-APO Fluorescent Objective For DIC10x/0.3, W.D.8.1, Cover Glass 0.17mmA5F.1091-1020x/0.5, W.D.2.1, Cover Glass 0.17mmA5F.1091-2040x/0.75, W.D.0.7, Cover Glass 0.17mmA5F.1091-40100x/1.3, W.D.0.15, Cover Glass 0.17mmA5F.1091-100FluorescentUpgrade To A16.1093 Fluorescent Microscope--A16.1093Other AccessoriesWorking Stage Holder BracketA54.1096Adapter To Adjust Eye PositionA54.1096-A1Adapter To Lower The Stage Position 1″A54.1096-A2Immersion OilA50.1090-01Allen WrenchA50.1090-02Power CordA50.1090-03Short Eye Cover, For EyepieceA50.1090-04Long Eye Cover, For EyepieceA50.1090-05Eyepiece Micrometer, CrossA50.1090-06Adapter Ring To Install Eyepiece MicrometerA50.1090-07USB CableA50.1090-08Note:”“In Table Is Standard Outfits,”” Is Optional Accessories “-” Is Unavailable

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